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Newsletter September 2006


New Polaroid recipe!

Polaroid stops making the Time Zero film, and what happens? Someone thinks of a new way of making manipulations. This time Erik Wiklund shares his findings. Alex Tymkow also describes a new way of working with Pyro. And, of course, don't forget to see the work of 6 new artists.


New recipe: Polaroid instant peel-apart manipulation

Erik Wiklund shares his polaroid recipe.

Pyro, Digital Negatives and Alternative Processes

Alex Tymkow outlines a method of combining pyro, digital negs and alt. proc.

Jackie Van Fossen
from Alberta in Canada shows us her cyanotypes on fabric.
Alex Tymkow
from Plymoth in the UK has a theme of masks in his cyanotypes and argyrotypes.
Wendy Lastovica
from Fort Worth, Texas, USA, contributes with her gum bichromates of found objects.
Henrieke I. Strecker
from Germany uses pinhole to produce her cyanotypes, and sometimes tones them.
Susan Huber
from the west coast of Canada shows us her Print-Out Paper prints.
Che Mambong
from the Philippines made Saltprints from her trip to Tibet.


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