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Newsletter June 2006


Focus on artists

More artists join us every month, and as they are the heart and soul of AlternativePhotography.com we are now planning a book of art and artists. There are also many new artists' work to enjoy and a print exchange if you want to swap photographs with others.

New book on cyanotypes!

Blueprint to Cyanotypes bookcover

Blueprint to cyanotypes

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The cyanotype is often the first alternative process that people try. It can also be seen as a gateway to further exploration of historic photographic methods.
Read more about the book.

Gary Fabbri
Born in Rhode Island, lives in Stockholm adds his cyanotypes and SX-70s
Bill Wolfe
from New Orleans adds his Polaroid transfers
Jerome Deppe
from Baltimore, Maryland, USA adds his cyanotypes
Alexei Alexeev
from St Petersburg, Russia adds his cyanotypes and gums
Uppsala Photographic Society
Members from Sweden add their work in gum bichromates
Neil Miller
from the UK adds wetplate collodions, cyanotypes and more
Anastasia Medvedev
from Moscow, Russia, adds lithprints taken with a pinhole camera

Your work in a book!

If you are one of the artists with a gallery on AlternativePhotography.com and a Supporting Member of the site you can have your work published in Alternative photography - art and artists 2007.

The objective of the book is to give artists exposure which will hopefully lead to many good contacts. We're hoping that this coffee table book will be a source of inspiration to artists and a reference guide for galleries. Read more about how to take part here.

Some of the most common questions answered:

How much will it cost to have my work in this book?
It is free for Supporting members of AlternativePhotography.com! And, yes, you do have to be a Supporting member to be in the book.

When will the book be released?
Our aim it to make it available in time for Christmas 2006.

Where will it be for sale?
It will be published by AlternativePhotography.com and be for sale here, on Amazon and a couple of other places.

What is the deadline for sending in my work?
The deadline is the 1st of September. By then, all images, text and forms should have reached us, but of course, the sooner the better!:-)

How many artists will be shown in the book?
The response and interest has been big, we originally had a minimum of 40 artists to publish the book, but it looks like there will be more, which is great. We're hoping for as many as possible so we can show a wide range of work and processes.

What will the price be?
The price will be dependent on the page count, and we don't know this figure yet, but it will be sold at an affordable price, so it will reach as many as possible.

And... more questions are answered here: The book of Art and artists 2007


Print exchange!

A print exhange has been initiated in the forum. It works like this: You send your work to others and get their prints back. Take part and read more here. A wonderful way of sharing your work and receiving the work of others.


Job: Looking for Photographic Technician

To assist in the creation of prints made with a room size portable camera obscura located in Battery Park City, Lower Manhattan, New York, USA. Experience needed in alternative photo methods in terms of paper and developing. Please contact Stephan Koplowitz at skoplowitz@gmail.com with your phone number and past experience.



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