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Newsletter April 2006


Finally spring!

We have been working hard to put together an exhibition that will feature the cyanotypes from the showcase. It will be on show in Orebro, Sweden from the 1st of April. So, we've had no time to add new artists this month, but here is something to bite into... this month we are adding the description to two processes, woodbury process / woodburytype and the ziatype. Enjoy.


The woodbury type / woodbury process by Nicolai Klimaszewski is an interesting take on carving. Read and learn.

The Ziatype process is an extract from Christina Z. Anderssons book Alternative Processes Condensed. The article here has been illustrated by Carl Weese's beautiful prints.

21-23 Apr. Creative Landscape and Architecture Photography
New Jersey Media Center, LLC in Cape May, NJ, USA
No experience necessary, all levels & ages. Includes historic walking tour, discussions & demonstrations on characteristics of pinhole, Holga, Polaroid Manipulations & Transfers, panorama & 35mm film & digital cameras. Learn how to compose, determine exposure and think creatively. All machinery & cameras will be supplied. Students supply their own film. Materials list supplied upon registration. Pinhole Camera Kits $45 extra. Begins 4/21, 2PM with wine & cheese reception & ends Sun., 4/23 at 5PM. $300. includes a materials fee.
Instructor: Nancy Ori. More info: Website. Email Telephone: 908-790-8820
23-26 Apr. Creative Digital Printing for Artists and Photographers
New Jersey Media Center, LLC in Cape May, NJ, USA
Giclee—What’s it all about? With the emergence of the inkjet printer & archival inks, all artists are exploring new ways to produce their work. Included: introduction to new opportunities, what you need to know about papers and how to choose the right ones, fabrics, canvas and creating transfers as well as the use of traditional art materials to produce a new quality of multimedia imaging. Tips on developing a working relationship with your printer and camera will be covered in classroom & field sessions while creating a new portfolio of images in beautiful Cape May. Information on finding a printing lab and a tutorial packet is also included. Students supply their own art materials, cameras and laptops, if possible, with ideally Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Elements. Begins April 23 at 2pm with wine & cheese reception. Ends at noon 4/26. $250.
Instructor: Dot Kuehn. More info: Website. Email Telephone: 908-790-8820
26-30 Apr. Photographing People, Places & Things
New Jersey Media Center, LLC in Cape May, NJ, USA
This workshop will provide insights into making photographs of people, the land, seascapes & architecture. With a goal of using a variety of techniques & approaches, each participant will be encouraged to produce a distinctive style & create a new portfolio of images from the Cape May area. Through location shoots, in depth discussions, slide presentations, critiques & portfolio reviews, students will make images that attempt to capture the heart and soul of their subjects, whether animate, inanimate, or the environment. Evening sessions include presentations by Stein and Ori as well as critiques of work produced during the workshop. Begins 4/26 at 2pm with wine & cheese reception and ends 4/30 at noon. $375.
Instructor: Harvey Stein. More info: Website. Email Telephone: 908-790-8820



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