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Newsletter March 2006


Paper special

And now a newsletter on paper... a brief outline on how to make it and instructions on how to make a beautiful handmade album. And of course, new talented artists have also been added to the galleries. Enjoy.


The process of papermaking - Anne Storm van Leeuwen outlines a very simpliflied process of making paper. An introduction the old craft of papermaking.

Making a handmade album - Elizabeth Graves instructs us how to make a handmade album - a great place to store all your alt. proc. prints.

More paper on AlternativePhotography.com:
Which paper works for your process? Read The Big Paper Survey. Learn Paper basics and Coating paper using a brush.

Huub Beckers
from Nijmegen in the Netherlands joins the galleries with his Cyanotypes and Oilprints
David Chambers
a French and British photographer from Savoie, France adds his Cyanotypes and Vandykes and gums.
Spiffy Tumbleweed
from South Austin, Texas adds his Cyanotypes and SX-70s
21-26 Mar.
5 days
Precision Digital Negatives and Platinum/Palladium printing
Flagstaff, Arizona.
Covers all the PDN book including calibration and making negatives. Also Platinum/Palladium printing using Na2 as a contrast control. We will also be adding Curve Calculator II and hybrid curves to the mix.
Instructors: Mark Nelson and Dick Arentz. More info: Email



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