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Newsletter January 2006


Happy new year to you all!

A new year begins... and hopefully we'll see many talented artists joining the site. This month we present 6 new ones as well as the results of the survey and more.


Thank you all who took part and contributed in the Cyanotype Exposure Survey. It's amazing to think that what takes 3 minutes in San Franscisco takes 3 hours in Kalingrad. Keep the feedback coming, especially those of you who use the sun as a lightsource. Take part. And here is where you can see the results of the Big Cyanotype Exposure Survey.

Also new is Jonathan Brewer's Cyclops II: The second installment. The story continues... the fabrication of a single glass element lens with exposure control.

And for those of you interested in Intaglio printing, read Peter Miller's step-by-step to the intaglio process.

Book of the month

Primitive Photography by Alan Greene - For those of you who want to try your hands at making a camera from scratch.

UK/Europe: Buy 'Primitive Photography' from Amazon.co.uk

USA: Buy 'Primitive Photography' from Amazon.com


Nicholai Klimaszewski
from Dryden in USA adds a different process - carved photographs and woodburytypes

Wendy Currie
experiements with Cyanotypes, Vandykes, Liquid light and sends her work from Australia.
Neila Kun
Cyanotypes of clothing, from Philadelphia, USA.
Tobias Ott
from Hof in Germany contributes with his cyanotypes.
Deborah Ford
from Prescott in Arizona, USA shows her cyanotype and kallitypes.
Kevin Q. Gray
from Oneonta, NY adds his Polaroid Emulsion Lifts and Tintypes

Maximillian greets the world!
On a more personal note I would also like to announce the birth of our son Maximillian. He joined us just in time for Christmas, on the 23rd of December. Me and my husband Gary are both very happy to have him with us.

- Malin Fabbri, Editor



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