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Special Newsletter
December 2005


Cyanotype Exposure Survey - you can help!

The cyanotype is a great way to get started with alternative process, to help beginners figuring out the right exposure time - they're vastly different dependent on whether you are based in Canada, Australia, Northern Europe, Florida or elsewhere - we are now doing a Cyanotype Exposure Survey.

If you have a minute to spare and cyanotype printing experience, please share your experience by answering a few short questions below. Email your answers to:

Your help is appreciated by many! Thank you.
Malin Fabbri, Editor, AlternativePhotography.com


1. How long do you print / expose your cyanotypes to UV light?
Please state which UV lightsource you're using, a lightbox, a tanning unit, the sun?
If using the sun, please give the country or city/state you're in, and times for:
- Summer morning:
- Summer midday:
- Summer afternoon:
- Winter morning:
- Winter midday:
- Winter afternoon:
Which type of negative do you use for these exposure times? Transparency, paper?

2. Do you tone your cyanotypes? If so, what do you use for toning?

3. Do you have a good supplier for cyanotype chemcials you can recommend?

Any other cyanotype printing tips or experiences you'd like to share?

The results will be published on AlternativePhotography.com for everyone to share. If you would like to remain anonymous, please let me know, otherwise you'll get credited for supplying the info. Thank you!




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