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Newsletter December 2005


Christmas around the corner!

December is soon here and time that could be spent in the darkroom is spent shopping for presents and baking cakes. Below are a few tips to help you speed up your Christmas shopping. The festivities are a great opportunity for taking pictures and we hope you use it well. And, don't forget to take a look at our new articles and artists.




Experimental Photography Workbook
4th edition now available!
by Christina Z. Anderson

Customer rating:

9 of 10

(Rated 9,4 - based on 9 votes)



The Book of Carbon and Carbro
by Sandy King

Customer rating:

9 of 10

(Rated 10 - based on 1 vote)



A Non Silver Manual
Cyanotype, Brownprint, Palladium & Gum Bichromate with Instructions for Making Light-Resists Including Pinhole Photography
by Sarah Van Keuren

Photography and art


Palma Allen
Infrareds & SX-70s
225 USD inc. postage
Member price: 125 USD


Robert Lawhead
Polaroid Transfers
35 USD inc. postage


Allan Razo
Platinum & Palladiums
475 USD inc. postage
Member price: 400 USD


Tina Maas
Polaroid Emulsion Lifts
from 29 USD inc. postage


Robert A. Schaefer Jr.
500 USD inc. postage



Clothing, journals and greetingcards


T-shirts from 16.99 USD
Both for him and her!
Go to the CafePress giftshop


Journals, Postcards and Greetingcards from 7.99 USD
Send someone an alt. proc. greeting!
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Christina Z. Anderson
Author of Experimental Phtography Workbook from Bozeman, Montana adds her Mordancage and Tricolour gum on Cyanotype.

Alain Carrillo
Alain from France adds his Cyanotypes to the galleries.


The platinum print: a catalyst for discussion by Taylor Whitney. A very indepth and well researched piece of writing on the Platinum print also a very illustrative chart of the uses of alterantive processes for all historians out there.:-)

Glossary of Terms by Taylor Whitney The glossary for the article above.



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