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Newsletter November 2005


Polaroid equipment overview!

The Polaroid transfer, Polaroid SX-70 and Polaroid Image Lift techniques are both easy and fun - and an excellent processes both for beginners and experienced photographers - once you've figured out what equipment to use and where to find it. Here's a few good starting points.


Polaroid Emulsion Lift equipment - Ivy Bigbee talks about how she works.

Polaroid Image transfer equipment 1 - Gary Auerbach lets us in on his secrets.

Polaroid Image transfer equipment 2 - Wendy Cook and how she works.

Polaroid SX-70 equipment - Renata Ratajczyk talks us through the Time Zero process.

The end of SX-70 manipulations? - Polaroid have had problems with their Time Zero film which seems to have resulted in stopping production all together. What is there to do?


Palma Allen
Available to buy from 125 USD (member discount) and 225 USD for non-members.

Robert Lawhead
Available to buy for 35 USD.

Tina Maas
Available to buy here from 29 USD.



Kate Mocak
Kate is a slovakian artist working in cyanotypes, gum bichromates and vandykes.

Lynette Zeeng
Our first Australian artist is a practicing photographer and teacher of Polaroid techniques from Melbourne.

Hans van Erp
Hans is a fine art photographer from the Netherlands. He shows us his bromoils, cyanotypes and gum bichromates.



Workshops November 2005


4-6 Nov.

Gum Bichromate Over Platinum Printing
Workshop intended for platinum printers with some experience who want to stretch the medium into a new realm. Adding layers of gum bichromate over a platinum print results in a final print with added depth, richness and endless possibilities of color to enhance the emotional impact of the image. Topics include paper preparation, preshrinking, sizing and acid treatment, the gum bichromate process, and the mixing of chemistry and watercolor pigments. Instructor: Kerik Kouklis, Center for Alternative and Historical Processes, 412 Broadway, 3rd floor, NYC 10013. Phone: 212.929.4330. Website.


5-6 Nov.
(2 days)

Cyanotypes and Vandyke Prints from Digital Negatives
Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, California, USA
Taught by Mary K. Shisler. Covers both cyanotypes and Vandyke prints. The first day is spent in Kala's Electronic Media Center creating the negatives. Then we experiment with the two media combine them in the beautiful Blue Vandyke. Email.


13 Nov.

Lighting for 3 Dimensional Objects
New Jersey Center for Visual Arts. 10am-4pm (bring lunch or snack)
The workshop is designed for those who want to gain control over the most important element of every medium – lighting.  Students will be led through a step-by-step process of creating a lighting set up of their own with objects or sculptures that they have brought to work with for the day.  The instructor will stress the thinking behind what is being done with the arrangement of subject matter and the reasons for setting up the lighting in a simple way. Call 908-273-9121 for more info. 



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