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Newsletter Special
October 2005


Show your work on a talk in New York!

Jill Enfield is going to give a talk at Photo Expo in New York City on October 22nd. The title is Historical Techniques in the Digital Age and she would like to show work that uses both historical and digital techniques. So, if you use digital negatives, scan in, or if you use digital prints and then use these for an alterantive process, then read on: anything where you utilize both types of imagery is interesting!

Send images to Jill at jenfield@nyc.rr.com as soon as possible, and latest by 14th October. Also include:

  • a short "how to"
  • your name
  • where you live and how people could see more work, (such as a link to a gallery here).

The images should be maximum 1000 pixels wide, by 750 heigh at 72 dpi. Any questions to Jill.

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