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Newsletter October 2005


Vandyke and Kallitype special!

We are now updating the Vandyke and Kallitype recipes with 2 news ones from Sandy King and Wynn White. And if you're just starting out with the Vandyke process there is a starter kit available with a glowing review. Good luck!


Sandy King takes us through the Kallitype process in his step-by-step article.

Wynn White does the same in his article on the Vandyke process...

Wynn also gives us a clear overview of the differences of the very similar Kallitype, Vandyke and Argyrotype processes.

The Kallitype starter kit from Photographer's Forumlary got raving reviewes - and a couple of good tips - from Elizabeth Graves - great for beginners!


Anne Storm van Leeuwen from Murfreesboro, Tennessee shows her cyanotypes and gums

Jared Millar from Santa Ana, California adds his Polaroid Image Transfers

Chrystal Jackson from Southern California shows her start on gum bichromates

Roman Sokoler from Copenhagen, Denmark adds his Gum Bichromates



Workshops October 2005


2-7 Oct.
(5 days)

Independent Study for Digital Negatives & Alternative Photography
with Dan Burkholder at the Photographers' Formulary, Condon, MT, USA
This workshop is especially designed for those photographers wanting individual attention for their specific goals, problems or ideas. Dan will be available for one-on-one sessions, with critiquing, technical problem solving and project development as the primary goals. Float between Photoshop and the chemical darkroom all week long combining the best of digital imaging with alternative printing.
Fee: $562.50, including a special 10% discount.
Info: Call 1-800-922-5255, visit Photographers' Formulary website or email.


9-14 Oct.
(5 days)

Fine Printing and Darkroom Skills with Tim Rudman.
Photographer's Formulary, Montana, USA
Explore many of the intermediate and advanced darkroom controls for Black & White print making. Learn print mapping, f-stop printing, dodging and burning-in, print pre-flashing, split-grade printing, multiple grade printing, contrast control, water bathing; and post processing techniques such as local bleaching, bleach-back, bleach & redevelopment and toning.
More info. Tel: toll-free 1-800-922-5255 Email.


16-21 Oct.

Lith Printing & toning of lith prints
Photographer's Formulary, Montana, USA
Five day workshop with Tim Rudman.
Learn the underlying principles of making a Lith print and how to take control of the process in order to predict outcome and explore its creative potential. Single and multiple toning techniques and bleach-back and bleach and redevelopment using both 'normal' and Lith developers.
More info Tel: toll-free 1-800-922-5255. Email


15-22 Oct.

Capturing the Light of the Southwest, A Painting, Sketching and Photography Workshop
with Nancy J. Ori, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Open for all painters, sketchers and photographers who want to discover and fine-tune their reactions to light, personal vision and the creative process.
Share experiences with two instructors on how we see, how light reflects, how it relates to artistic vision, how it changes with the seasons and time of day, its directional movement and color. The workshop also includes pinhole and Polaroid Manipulations.
Website. Telephone: 908-790-8820


29-30 Oct.

Cyanotypes and Vandyke Prints from Digital Negatives
Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, California, USA
Taught by Mary K. Shisler. Covers both cyanotypes and Vandyke prints. The first day is spent in Kala's Electronic Media Center creating the negatives. Then we experiment with the two media combine them in the beautiful Blue Vandyke. Email.



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