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Special Newsletter September 2005


Self-published books

Alternative processes may be a small corner of the photography market but it's growing. Many photographers have decided to take up the old handmade processes instead of settling for the "digital" and "ready-made" options available to them.

Many photographers feel the need to share their experiences and knowledge by writing a book. It may be that publishers don't realize just how interesting alternative processes are, or find the subject too specialist, but it's hard to get a book published.

That's when it's time for many to take publishing into their own hands and self-publish. Two self-published books are now available for you here.



Experimental Photography Workbook
4th edition now available!
by Christina Z. Anderson

Read an extract from Christina's book in the article Distressing Negatives.

The Book of Carbon and Carbro
by Sandy King



If you are one of these authors and have published a book or a magazine, or an inventor that have made any product or kit relevant to alt. proc. please read more about selling it.



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