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Newsletter September 2005


Good things come in threes...

This month we have three good things of threes for you... 3 new talented artists join the galleries, 3 new items to read and 3 workshops in September. Hopefully something for everyone. Enjoy!


Sera Trimble
from Seattle adds her lithprints and tintypes.

Henk Thijs
from the Netherlands adds a selection of his bromoils, oilprints and gum

Anthony Reyes
a recent gratuate from Houston, Texas, shows his cyanotypes, infrareds and saltprints


The Oilprint process
- A step-by-step guide by Henk Thijs.

Bromoils on Aluminium Sheet - A different approach to Bromoils, also by Henk Thijs.

Post-Factory Issue 1 - Judy Seigel's brilliant magazine available to download for free.


Workshops September 2005


8-12 Sept.

Fine Printing and Darkroom Skills
Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle, WA, USA. Five day workshop with Tim Rudman.
Explore intermediate and advanced darkroom controls for Black & White print making. Learn print mapping, f-stop printing, dodging and burning-in, print pre-flashing, split-grade printing, multiple grade printing, contrast control, water bathing; and post processing techniques such as local bleaching, bleach-back, bleach & redevelopment and toning.
Website. Tel: 206-720-7222


10 Sept.

Free Painterly Photography Demo
New Jersey Center for Visual Arts, 10-11 or 11-noon
Working with SX70 film and Type 600 film the photographer can immediately begin to manipulate each image.  By using a crochet hook or a nail tool the chemistry can be pushed around in the film pouch.  As the photograph is developing, you can see what is happening before your eyes and can change it to something resembling an impressionist painting. Painterly photography is magical, so much fun and so simple.  Create a new portfolio in a day.
Call 908-273-9121 to register.


15-19 Sept.

Lith Printing & toning of lith prints
Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle, WA, USA. Five day workshop with Tim Rudman.
Learn the underlying principles of making a Lith print and how to take control of the process in order to predict outcome and explore its creative potential. Single and multiple toning techniques and bleach-back and bleach and redevelopment using both 'normal' and Lith developers.
Website. Tel: 206-720-7222




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