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Newsletter August 2005
- Polaroids and Infrareds special


Polaroids and infrareds!

Framing polaroids - How to Slit-Mount Polaroid Time Zero Mono Prints in a professional manner by Palma Allen.

Graveyards and Infrared Photography - Interview with Palma Allen.
About taking photographs on graveyards, symbology and infrared photography.

Palma Allen is now also selling her work here - below is a sample of what's for sale. And as a supporting member of the site you get a 50% discount!

We have a winner!

Andrew Frith became a supporting member in July and won the draw for Amphoto's new guide Digital Black and White Printing.

Supporting members can now also download the first issue of Judy Seigel's The World Journal of Post-Factory Photography free of charge. Email us on

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Palma Allen's infrareds

225 USD, price for members only 125 USD (including postage and packaging.)

Morning Light ©

Footbridge ©

Baker Park 1 ©

Baker Park 2 ©

Trees ©

Baker Park 3 ©

Iron Fence ©

Pearly Gate ©

Palma Allen's Time Zero / SX-70s

225 USD, price for members only 125 USD (including postage and packaging.)

Baker Park Winter ©


Maxwell Alley ©

Roof Tops ©

Third Street Row of Houses ©

Two Crosses ©

Apples ©

After Lunch ©

Court House ©


Alex Chater
from Southend on Sea in the UK shows us his Temperaprints

Jan Brzeski
from Skierniewice in Poland adds his Lithprints to


Workshops August 2005


5-9 Aug.
(5 days)

Wet-Plate Collodion
with Michael Mazzeo
Peters Valley Craft Center, Layton, NJ, USA
The allure of the wet-plate collodion process lies in the spirit of exploration and our willingness to accept its imperfections. We will begin by discussing the innovations of photography's originators. Using their formulae and techniques, we will shoot portraits, stills, and landscapes to create collodion negative and positives, or Ambrotypes. In keeping with the spirit of the workshop, we will print negatives using the cyanotype and salted paper processes. Beginner to advanced.
Tuition: $425 Lab Fee: $85
See website for more info or apply by printable registration form.


7-13 Aug.
(1 week)

Toning and Mordancage workshops
Tenants Harbor, Maine, USA
Jonathan Bailey is offering a workshop in his home and studio. The class explores historical toning processes, contemporary split-toning processes (including his signature GP-1 Gold split process), as well as the unusual Mordancage process. The week's fee includes dinner each evening (prepared and served by Jonathan and his partner Jane Matthews) - and a day on the water with time on Monhegan Island. More info on website.


8-12 Aug.

Wet Plate Collodion Process
with France Scully Osterman, Anderson Ranch Campus, Colorado, USA
Learn how to make your own film from raw materials. Wet plate collodion is an incredibly versatile nineteenth-century process. This workshop covers the introduction and basics of making positives and negatives on glass. Each student receives a manual, The Wet-Plate Process, a Working Guide. Website with more info


14 or 15 Aug.
(1 days)

Lith printing
with Tim Rudman.
Learn the underlying principles of making and toning a Lith print and how to take control of the process. Santa Monica College, LA, USA.
Info: Freestyle Creative Center for Photography, 5124 Sunset BLVD, Hollywood, CA 90027. Tel: 323 660 3460 (Toll free in US & Canada: 800292 6137)


14-19 Aug.

Traditional Photography in the Field & in the Darkroom
with Al Weber and David Vestal at Photographer's Formulary, Montana, USA
David will show his slide show The True History of Photography.
It spans more than 150 years of work. Al brings a different perspective. Shows you how to fine tune negatives in the darkroom. Fee: 685 USD
Info: Call 1-800-922-5255, visit Photographers' Formulary website or email.


19-23 Aug.
(5 days)

Introduction to Albumen Printing
with Daniel Levine
Peters Valley Craft Center, Layton, NJ, USA
Albumens many finicky steps become well worth the effort upon success. The results are handmade photos that rival platinum in tonal range and use egg whites to produce a glossy surface sheen. Print color is variable from warm sepia to slate gray with gold toning. Large format negatives are preferable, but small formats may be enlarged for contact printing. Intermediate to advanced.
Tuition: $425 Lab Fee: $85
See website for more info or apply by printable registration form.


21-28 Aug.

Framing Your Fine Art
with Nancy J. Ori, 2-5pm each day
New Jersey, USA
Nancy has a great deal of experience in preparing photographs for display. This two-session workshop will help you edit your work and create a professional presentation. The demonstrations will include the mounting, matting and framing into metal frames as well as recommendations for various types of art pieces into wood frames. Emphasis will be placed on how galleries and museums judge your presentation.
Students should bring a representative sampling of their work.
Fee: $150. For more details and reservation, call Nancy Ori at 908-790-8820. Enrollment will be limited.


26-30 Aug.
(5 days)

Large Format Cameras: Bigger is Still Better
with Chip Forelli
Peters Valley Craft Center, Layton, NJ, USA
Define and refine your personal vision and artistic expression. Through discussions aimed at elevating students to a higher level of personal expression and the employment of certain overlooked but powerful techniques, Chip will demonstrate how to avoid the predominant problem facing students of photography - that the printed image falls disappointingly short of their desired expressive intent. Using the landscape as our subject, we will determine what evokes an emotional response from us as photographers. Intermediate to advanced.
Tuition: $425 Lab Fee: $40. See website for more info or apply by registration form.


28 Aug-2 Sept.
(5 days)

Making Digital Negatives For Contact Printing
with Dan Burkholder at the Photographers' Formulary, Condon, MT, USA
Learn how to make enlarged negatives for alternative process contact printing from the expert in the field.
Dan will teach you the techniques and artistry involved in creating perfect negatives for the various Alt printing processes.
Fee: $562.50, including a special 10% discount. Info: Call 1-800-922-5255, visit Photographers' Formulary website or email.



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