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Newsletter July 2005
- got the right curves?


Curve corner is here!

In the new exiting Curve Corner you can save hours of fiddling. Get your tonal values of your digital negatives right straight away by downloading the right curve here.

Curve corner: Download photoshop curves for controlling tonal values in your digital negatives.

Split-Toning: Background and Historical Antecedents Jonathan defines split-toning and tells it's history.

Split-Toning: Processes and Procedures Jonathan's formulaes and procedures for attempting split-toning.

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Jai Hall
from New Zealand joins the galleries with her Cyanotypes

Allan Razo
from Philipines shows us his Platinum and Palladium prints

Peter Haas
from Slovakia shares his Platinotypes

Sanjoy Chaterjee
from India shows his Polaroid transfers


Workshops July 2005


18-22 July
(5 days)

Hand copper plate aquatint photogravure and polymer gravure
with Terry King at the Hands-On Pictures Studio in Richmond, Surrey, UK.
Maximum of six people. £400.


22-25 July
(4 days)

Darkroom Alchemy: The Modern Melainotype
with Scott McMahon
Peters Valley Craft Center, Layton, NJ, USA
Explore contemporary variations on the 19th Century Melainotype process (better known as Ferrotype or Tintype). Using a variety of gelatin-based emulsions to sensitize metal plates for direct in-camera positives. Explore other methods in printing on metallic surfaces using enlarged positives, slides, digital images, etc. using commercially available materials and mixing from scratch. Beginner to advanced.
Tuition: $360 Lab Fee: $75
See website for more info.


28-30 July

Gubbio, Italy
A hands-on introduction: Basics of ultraviolet exposure of the resist, Application of exposed resist to the copperplate, Etching the copperplate, Printing the etched plate on an etching press. Participants should bring a black-and-white negative suitable for preparation of a positive transparency, or to save time a positive film or inkjet transparency.
Contact Peter Miller for more info.


29 Jul.-1 Aug.
(4 days)

Printing with the NA2 Palladium Platinum Method
with Tillman Crane
Peters Valley Craft Center, Layton, NJ, USA
The art and craft of making palladium prints using a traditional hand crafted method. The NA2 method differs from traditional platinum/palladium process because it uses a form of sodium platinum as the contrast agent rather than the traditional chlorate contrast method. The first two days of this workshop will be devoted to making enlarged negatives and the final two days we will make palladium prints with these enlarged negatives. Intermediate to advanced.
Tuition: $360 Lab Fee: $100
See website for more info.


30-31 July
and 6-7 Aug.
(4 days)

Gum printing workshop
with Terry King at the Hands-On Pictures Studio in Richmond, Surrey, UK.
At this special gum workshop we will make multi-colour gum prints using both gum arabic and watercolours and Gloy and acrylics. We will use film, paper and digital negatives. The overall idea is to concentrate on using the process to make pictures rather than using the process to show that we can make a gum print. There will be special emphasis on the use of colour.
The workshops will be from 10-4 pm and cost £300. Website.



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