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Newsletter May 2005


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Did you take part in Pinhole Day?

On Sunday 24 April it took place... were you out taking pinholes? What did you get up to? Let us know on the special Pinhole Photography day forum. Registering on the forum is easy!

If pinholing is not for you Photopolymer on a budget or an overview of Negatives for Alternative Processes may suit you better? Or just taking a look at the 3 new artist in the gallery this month... enjoy!


Photopolymer printing on a budget - by Jim Read.
Jim proves yet again that - with a little work and a lot of imagination - photographic materials doesn't have to cost a fortune.
Negatives - Techniques for alternative processes - by Lloyd Godman
There are many different routes to the final negative. Here, Lloyd gives an overview of the different techniques.


Hamish Stewart
Gum Bichromates from London

Gustavo Castilla
Cyanotypes from Los Angeles

Cassie Floan
Bromoils from Western North Carolina



Pinhole Photography
Eric Renner
An inspiring pinhole book with ideas and techniques. Not for beginners.

UK/Europe: Buy 'Pinhole Photography' from Amazon.co.uk

USA: Buy 'Pinhole Photography' from Amazon.com


Workshops May 2005


Printing the Blues - Cyanotypes on Fabric for textile artists
May, with Jacqueline Van Fossen
2010 - 112A Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6J 4X1
For quilters and surface designers, this class offers a method of direct printing on cloth using the cyanotype process. Printing many types of media including negatives, printed overheads or objects. This method will add to your repertoire of techniques for creating fabulous fabric for your art works. Beginner to Intermediate.
Please contact Jacqueline for fees and booking dates.
Email: jcimages@telus.net Phone: 780-436-4931

Photopolymergravure (Fotopolymergravyr)
17-27 maj 2005
Hemse, Gotland, Sweden. Courses are held in Swedish, but some english translation available.
Koppartryckspress med fotopolymerplåt. överför bilden till plåten, infärgning och tryck på lumphaltigt grafikpapper.
Copperphotogravure with photopolymer, transfering the image to the plate, colouring in and printing on graphical paper.
3000 Swedish crona, inkl. moms (tax)
Email Peter Ragnarsson
073 037 28 99 (mobil)



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