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Newsletter March 2005
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March(ing) on!

We're very curios to find out about you and your interest in photography, so we've made a poll. Take part in this months poll:

When did you start out in photography?

All you have to do is register to the forum and fill in the poll... and once registered, take the opportunity to network with someone else interested in alternative processes, discuss articles or any other topic.


Matthew Larkin
Contributes with his
wet plate collodion

Caroline Beaumont
from Herefordshire in England adds her lithprints

Christian Nze
from France adds
Platinum & Palladium and Ziatypes

Ole Tjugen
from Bergen in Norway adds his work

Pavel Nastin
from Kalingrad in Russia,
shows his Cyanotypes




Making a cyanotype quilt - Jackie, a very experienced quilt maker, shows how she incorporates cyanotypes, or blueprints on fabric, made from plants into her quilts.

Making a photographic paper negative transparent - This is how you make a photographic negative from paper, more transparent, so you can use it as a negative with your alternative process prints.



The Beginner's Guide to Pinhole Photography
Back to basics. This is a good book for those starting out in pihole photography with no prior experience.
Recommended for total beginners.

UK/Europe: Buy 'The Beginner's Guide to Pinhole Photography' from Amazon.co.uk

USA: Buy 'The Beginner's Guide to Pinhole Photography' from Amazon.com


Workshops March 2005


Precision Digital Negative method with Platinum/Palladium Printing.
Flagstaff, Arizona, USA. 21-26 March 2005.
Presenting the latest information on using the PDN method:
-Scanner & Digital Camera
-Image Preparation for the Pt/PD aesthetic
-The PDN Calibration Method
-Crafting and printing the Digital Negative with Platinum/Palladium
-Balancing the Negative Calibration with PT/PD Chemistry
Workshop Fee: $750
More info: Dick.Arentz@NAU.EDU

Printing the Blues - Cyanotypes on Fabric for textile artists
March, April and May
2010 - 112A Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6J 4X1
Workshop with Jacqueline Van Fossen.
For quilters and surface designers, this class offers a method of direct printing on cloth using the cyanotype process. Printing many types of media including negatives, printed overheads or objects. This method will add to your repertoire of techniques for creating fabulous fabric for your art works. Beginner to Intermediate.
Please contact Jacqueline for fees and booking dates.
Email: jcimages@telus.net
Phone: 780-436-4931



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