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Looking forward and looking back

Newsletter January 2005


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Happy New Year!

New Year is both a time for looking forward and for looking back.

We are looking forward to seeing new artists work - look out for next newsletter which will be packed full of new talents - new articles and interesting discussions on the forum in the new year.

We are also looking back. Way back. This issue is dedicated to all the historians out there. Our main focus is usually art produced now, technology applied to this age and where we're going next, so here is some reflection for you all.

History of Photographic Words and Slogans - Do you know where the word 'photography' came from? Find out and contribute with your five pence, cents or yens worth.

Alternative Processes history - An ongoing timeline that we are inviting any historians with the fact in their fingers to key them down and send them too us.

And, last but not least, the 'Forgotten' processes, like Catalisotype, Spherotypes and Woodburytypes. Know of any more curios ones? Are you actually working in any of these processes? Let us know!

And of course, some new news too, like the first new talented artists joining us in 2005:


Colin Irwin

John Hartz
Cyanotypes and polaroid transfers



Wet Contact Printing for Paper Negatives

If you're in the darkroom and have just developed a negative image, from say a pinhole camera. You wonder how to turn it into a postitive image. Jan Kapoor shows you step-by-step to how.


Wallcalendar by Alberto Novo
Wall calendar printed on glossy, 10 point paper and measure 11" x 17"
5.99 USD
Buy from CafePress



Workshops February 2005


Gum Dichromate from Digital Negatives
19-20 and 26-27 February 19-20.
Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, California, USA
Taught by Mary K. Shisler
Gum prints with digital negatives. The first weekend is spent in Kala's Electronic Media Center creating the negatives and the second working on the gum prints. Covers color separation prints and ways to do multiple registrations. Email Mary.



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