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Newsletter December 2004


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Winter warmers!

Christmas is around the corner! And if you'd rather stay indoors to do your Christmas shopping we have some great gift ideas for you. They'll inspire your friends and show your relatives the kind of thing that you're up to in your 'dark room'.

Once you've finished shopping, visit our brand new forum where you can share your photographic experiences! It's very easy and fun... all you need to do is register and then you can reply to messages, make new contacts, and if you find a topic that is not listed, don't be afraid to start a new thread! Have fun! Register in the forum.


Keep notes in a journal with a cyanotype or a transfer on the cover... or send someone a cyanotype card - great gifts for everyone!


Wallcalendar by Alberto Novo
Wall calendar printed on glossy, 10 point paper and measure 11" x 17"
5.99 USD
Buy from CafePress

Postcards by Edwardo Aites - pack of 8
Eastern Trinity - Cyanotype
7.99 USD
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Postcards by Jim Read - pack of 8
The Spinney in the Autumn - Cyanotype
7.99 USD
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Journal by Jane A. Linders
Disgraceland - Polaroid Transfer
9.49 USD

Buy from CafePress

Journal by Edwardo Aites
Thalia 5 - Cyanotype
9.49 USD

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The forum is finally here!

Finally... the Alt. Chat forum is open! Share experiences and make contacts. You may not solve the world's problems but perhaps you can tackle some photographic ones! Read more...


The Digital Printing Handbook
From Scanning to Printing, this book will explain the basics to get you started in digital photography.
Recommended for beginners

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USA: Buy 'The Digital Printing Handbook' from Amazon.com

The Negative (Ansel Adams Photography, Book 2)
In-depth knowledge about negatives from the master of printing.
Recommended for more experienced photographers

UK/Europe: Buy 'The Negative' from Amazon.co.uk

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