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Newsletter November 2004


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Atumnal alternatives!

Autumn and haloween, should give most photographers some inspiration... if you chose to hybernate in the darkroom, below are some interesting articles about brushes and photo intaglio...


Which brush to choose? A guide to brushcoating from Jim Read

Photo Intaglio - have you tried them? Here is how from Barbara Maloney.

Cyclops - Jonathan Brewer sought a special effect in his images. Rather than altering the image he invented a new camera.


Maciej Kastner from Poland adds his moody architectual gumprints.

Newton More experiments with various techniques and shows pinholes and SX-70s here.

Bob Reinsel prefers watercolour paper with his Liquid Emulsions.

Phil McLean
, a student in Edinburgh, Scotland adds Cyanotypes.

Mary McGrath
from the US has experiemented with heat-treated transparencies. Not strictly alt. proc... but.


The Complete Printmaker

Step by step through the history and techniques of over forty-five print-making methods
Very interesting.

UK/Europe: Buy 'The Complete Printmaker' from Amazon.co.uk

USA: Buy 'The Complete Printmaker' from Amazon.com

Got plenty of interesting tips from the pinhole request in the last newsletter.

The pinhole interest is very strong amongst alt. proc.-ers, so if you have any good step-by-step instructions on making cameras, working out aperature, or anything else to do with pinholes, feel free to mail it and we'll publish it on the site.

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