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Newsletter October 2004


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Nothing new to read... but plenty of talented new artists!

You've been busy during the summer and sending in your work. Many new artists have requested galleries, and here are some of them, including the lithprint gury Tim Rudman. Enjoy!


Tim Rudman, lithprints from the lithprint guru.

Dale Cook, cyanotypes expressing transistory states.

Cheryl Morris contributes with her polaroid images.

Stephan Krines, from Germany adds landscape cyanotypes.

Tom Thompson from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, adds a variety of photograms and polaroid transfers.

Joan K. Lentini from New York adds her polaroid sx-70 manipulations.

R.L. McCowan - a veteran photographer with carbroprints from Idyllewild in California.

Tiziana DiTullio from the New York City area adds her portrait series in polaroid transfers


This beautiful wallprint calendar for 2005 is now available!


Bromoil by Alberto Novo
Taken during one of the many regattas in Venice
5.99 USD
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The Master Photographer's Toning Course: A Definitive Guide to Creative Toning Techniques

Tim Rudman outlines most toning processes worth knowing. Full of vital details on toning.
Highly recommended

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Ok, so this request is a little odd, but why not?

Does ANYONE, pinhead or not, have a bright idea of how one can make a pinhole camera that does not require a darkroom?

The criterias are:

  • has to be inexpensive to make
  • mustn't require a darkroom
  • must be able to make more that one exposure without changing film in a darkroom / carbooth or similar

I tried this already: Using cyanotypes in the pinholes as they can be changed in the light if done quickly. The problem is that exposure times are about 4 weeks.

Please mail any bright ideas to:


  Workshops October 2004  

Running an alt. proc workshop? Email us and get it listed here.

Egg tempera print shadow day
Any day until 30 Oct by mutual agreement.
One to one workshop with Peter Frederick. Canserrat, Nothern Spain.
E-mail: info@canserrat.org



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