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Newsletter August 2004 -
Big summer issue!


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Lots to keep you busy this summer - 5 new articles and 4 new artists!

Ok, so it's not August just yet, but we're off to explore the fjords of Norway, so this newsletter goes out a little early. We've also got a lot we're eager to share. It's been a rainy summer here (both Stockholm and London) so we've been busy at work instead of lapping sunshine.

This month we have 4 new artists in the galleries. Two americans, a slovenian and a finnish artist. If we've counted right, that means we now have artists from 23 different countries. Those of you with galleries on the site, wherever you go, hopefully you'll be able to meet someone else with the same passion...


Stanislav Koèar - our first artist from Slovenia adds cyanotypes, as well as argyrotypes and Vandyke browns.

Jouni Haapakoski - our first Finnish artist adds his cyanotypes.

Felix Bezanis, kallitypes from a Seattle artist.

Adrian Elwell - from San Francisco, USA adds his gumbichromates.


A description of the lithprinting process by Tim Rudman...
and a lithprint materials update for 2004 - where Tim shares invaluable experience of papers and developers (one of Tim's lithprints to the right).

Copper photogravure by Lars Mellberg, a teacher of alt. proc. in Sweden - very indepth description of this somewhat complicated process.

Interview with Farah Mahbub, a teacher in Pakistan and her views on teaching alternative processes there.

Paper basics from Lloyd Godman, a lecturer on photography in New Zealand - what sizing, strengh and pH means to your print.


You can now get postcards with both Polaroid transfers and cyanotypes from two of our artists. A very nice change to the usual holiday postcards!


Postcards by Edwardo Aites - pack of 8
Eastern Trinity - Cyanotype
7.99 USD
Buy from CafePress


Postcards by Jim Read - pack of 8
The Spinney in the Autumn - Cyanotype
7.99 USD
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Workshops August 2004

Introduction to Albumen Printing
Daniel Levin
August 13-17 (5 day)
This course offers guidance through the most dominant printing
process from the 1870’s to 1890’s. It’s many finicky steps become well worth the effort upon success. Intermediate to advanced.
Tuition: $425
Lab Fee: $65
Peters Valley Craft Center, 19 Kuhn Road, Layton, NJ 07851, USA.

Ambrotypes, Tintypes, Negatives (& salt prints)
15 - 21 August
with France Scully Osterman for Art New England, Mass Art summer workshops
held at Bennington College, in Bennington, Vermont
$835 Workshop Fee + lab supply fee
More info: www.massart.edu
or call: (617) 879-7175

Cyanotype Horseback Adventure
The Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana, USA
16-20 August
A 5 day vacation on horseback keeping a cyanotype journal during the trip. Cameras will be safely stored, food cooked for you and hot showers available. 1 995 USD for the whole 5 days.
More info: Formulary@Blackfoot.net

Egg tempera print shadow day
Any day until 30 Oct by mutual agreement.
One to one workshop with Peter Frederick. Canserrat, Nothern Spain.
E-mail: info@canserrat.org

Experimental photography - Kallitypes, Cyanotypes and the Jemsebymethod - a method for producing high quality enlarged negatives.
12-17 August
Gotland, Sweden.
Email teacher Lars Mellberg.
Email applications.

Daguerrotype: A Contemporary Approach
1-6 August with Jerry Spagnoli.
Condon, Montana, USA
More info: (800) 922-5255
Email: formulary@blackfoot.net

Basic Platinum and Palladium Printing
8-13 August with Dick Arentz.
Condon, Montana, USA
More info: (800) 922-5255
Email: formulary@blackfoot.net

Wet Plate Collodion, Ambrotypes, Ferrotypes and Negatives
8-13 August with Ian Doyle.
Condon, Montana, USA
More info: (800) 922-5255
Email: formulary@blackfoot.net

Toning and Cyanotype workshop
8-14 August
Workshop at Jonathan Baileys home covering historical toning processes, contemporary split-toning and GP-1 gold split-process. Experimenting with the mordançage process and making a 9'x4' cyanotype mural.
Tenants Harbor, Maine, USA

Pinhole and Plastic Cameras
August 23-27
with Harvey Stein, Cape Cod, USA
Info: capecodphotoworkshops.com

Seeing in Infrared  
Aug. 30- Sept. 1, with Bill Rivelli, Cape Cod, USA
More info: capecodphotoworkshops.com

  Workshops September 2004  

APIS: Alternative Processes International Symposium
Where: The Conference Centre at Dunfermline, on the other side of the Firth of Fourth from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
When: 18-19 September What: APIS 2004 will show how the best practice over the years can inspire artists in the field today. Contemporary artist photographers will show work across the range of alternative photography including gravure, gum, 'Niepce' heliochromes, Becquerel Daguerreotypes and Lippmann full colour photographs.
Cost: 100 UK Pounds or 185 US dollars.
More info: terryaking@aol.com

The Gum Platinum Print
5-10 September with Kerik Kouklis.
Condon, Montana, USA
More info: (800) 922-5255
Email: formulary@blackfoot.net

12-17 September with Karl Koenig.
Condon, Montana, USA
More info: (800) 922-5255
Email: formulary@blackfoot.net

How to Pyro
12-17 September with Gordon Hutchings.
Condon, Montana, USA
More info: (800) 922-5255
Email: formulary@blackfoot.net

The Bromoil Print and Bromoil Transfer Process  
Sept. 6-10 and Sept. 10-12
with David Lewis, Cape Cod, USA
Learn Bromoil,  one of the most beautiful 19th century photo processes. A Bromoil print is one in which the original B&W silver bromide image is removed chemically from the paper and replaced with a stiff oil pigment creating a beautiful etched like
quality. Email: ccpw@capecod.net

Night Photography
Sept. 27-30
with Chris Cook, Cape Cod, USA
Chris will bring you into the night landscape and teach you how to capture the images that inspire you. Whether it is pure astronomical photography or interpretive fine art imagery created by moonlight. Class limited to 8
Email: ccpw@capecod.net

The Platinum Print
Sept. 13- 17
with Bob Herbst, Cape Cod, USA
For photographers who seek the finest possible interpretation for their
work and wish to explore multi levels of artistic creativity. Class limited to 7.
Email: ccpw@capecod.net



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