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Newsletter April 2004


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Happy birthday to us!

April 5th is our birthday... in the past 4 years the site has grown at a rate we never predicted. There was no great plan, it just happened organically. We found great things to ad, you sent in articles and information, more artists joined. I wonder where we'll be in an other four years?

Hope you enjoy the new stuff this month.


2 new european artists!

Karl Burke, our first Irish photographer (I think!) adds his cyanotypes.

Luc Clottemans, Belgium, adds his gum prints.


Making a Bromoil print - Dave Symonds describes the Bromoil process in easy to follow steps. Good reading for both beginners and pros.


Printmaking in the Sun

UK/Europe: Buy 'Printmaking in the Sun' from Amazon.co.uk

USA: Buy 'Printmaking in the Sun' from Amazon.com

A well written, well illustrated excellent book on the Solarplates, or photopolymer process. It's really a printmaking process, but for all experimental photographers it can be extended to photography, with very interesting results. Printmaking in the Sun is great inspiration and makes you want to get your hands dirty and make some prints. Well worth the read!

Workshops April 2004

Creative Photography Techniques
with Nancy Ori
April 18-21
All ages, beg & inter. No photo experience necessary. Includes: demonstration of Polaroid Image Transfers, Polaroid SX 70 and 600 film manipulations. All machinery and cameras will be supplied. Students supply their own film. $250. Santa Fee, USA.
908-790-8820 nancyori@comcast.net

Hand-Painted Photography
with Carolyn Bross
April 28-May 1
Beg or Interm. Learn to transform your B&W prints with many different coloring agents, such as oils, pastels and chalks. Techniques are demonstrated and easily mastered. Infrared film and the variety of available printing papers will be explored. Shooting on location with Carolyn and Nancy as well as critiques of your work. $265. Santa Fee, USA.
908-790-8820 nancyori@comcast.net

Ruby Ambrotype Workshop
one day workshop on 30 april
Scully & Osterman skylight studio, Rochester, New York, USA.
The wet-plate collodion process step-by-step making an ambrotype self-portrait on ruby colored glass. Manual included
Fee: $150. Student rate: $100
For more information, go to collodion.org's workshop page

  Workshops May 2004  

Landscape and Architecture Photography with Alternative Cameras
May 1-4, with Nancy Ori
No experience necessary, all levels and ages. Includes discussions and demonstrations on the characteristics of pinhole, Widelux, Holga, Polaroid Manipulations, digital, panorama, Polaroid Transfers and more. Learn how to determine exposure. Pinhole Camera Kits $45 extra. $300. Santa Fee, USA.
908-790-8820 nancyori@comcast.net

Egg tempera print shadow day
6 May and 30 Oct or any day inbetween by mutual agreement.
One to one workshop with Peter Frederick. Canserrat, Nothern Spain.
www.canserrat.org E-mail: info@canserrat.org



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