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Newsletter March 2004


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4 new artists have joined us!

New artists, new technical info and a new look for the newsletter. We hope you like it!

Biskops Arnö School of Photography shows work from the students of year 2004

Sophie Kim has added her infrareds and sx-70s

Zbyszek Cybulski from Polen adds his Gum bichromats

Derrick Busch a US artist adds images in a variety of processes


The SX-70 process - easy to follow instructions on the process- by Scott Wittenburg. If you haven't experimented with sx-70 or Time Zero techniques, you'll probably want to try it after reading Scott Wittenburg's instructions here


Photo Imaging - A Complete Visual Guide to Alternative Techniques and Processes

UK/Europe: Buy 'Photo-imaging: A Complete Visual Guide to Alternative Process' from Amazon.co.uk

USA: Buy 'Photo-Imaging: A Complete Visual Guide to Alternative Processes' from Amazon.com

We've recommended it before, and we're recommending it again... Jill Enfield's book is a great resource for photographers interested in mastering alternative photo-imaging techniques and for people just wanting to learn a few new tricks.

  Workshops March 2004  

The Practice of Alternative Photographic Processes
Photographers Robert A. Schaefer, Jr. and Anita Chernewski provide information on building a pinhole camera with its history, the development and history of alternative processes and hands-on instruction in the viable and popular printing methods.  Students produce pinhole negatives, coat paper, and hang prints to dry.  Bring one 5" x 7" or 8" x 10" negative, one 8" x 10" clear plastic sheet, and a negative contact holder to class. The workshop culminates in an exhibition of student work.
Dates and Time: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 26th, 27th & 28th, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm daily.
Location: New York University, New York City (Manhattan) NY - exact NYU Building TBD
To register: www.scps.nyu.edu  email: scpsinfo@nyu.edu     phone: (212) 998-7200

Workshops April 2004

Creative Photography Techniques
with Nancy Ori
April 18-21
All ages, beg & inter. No photo experience necessary. Includes: demonstration of Polaroid Image Transfers, Polaroid SX 70 and 600 film manipulations. All machinery and cameras will be supplied. Students supply their own film. $250. Santa Fee, USA.
908-790-8820 nancyori@comcast.net

Hand-Painted Photography
with Carolyn Bross
April 28-May 1
Beg or Interm. Learn to transform your B&W prints with many different coloring agents, such as oils, pastels and chalks. Techniques are demonstrated and easily mastered. Infrared film and the variety of available printing papers will be explored. Shooting on location with Carolyn and Nancy as well as critiques of your work. $265. Santa Fee, USA.
908-790-8820 nancyori@comcast.net



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