Cyanotypes on bones

Alexis Bernstein shares her thesis printing cyanotypes on a rather unusual material. We also keep adding photographers to the new galleries. 5 more to see.

The galleries - 5 more artists


5 more artits have been added to the new galleries. Take a look and get inspired.

Denise RossDenise Ross
Denise Ross is an artist, photographic processes researcher, and naturalist. She was collecting ‘nature stuff’ and making watercolor illustrations before she could read.
“Something irreplaceable will be lost if we allow the tactile knowledge of historical photographic processes to slip away. It would be like losing a language.”


Carol GulaCarol Gula
Years ago, Carol Gula was seduced by the creative potential of the alternative photographic processes. She has been experimenting ever since.
“I feel that every paper has its own personality. Each one collaborates with a process, to produce a unique interpretation of the original image.”


Beverly EvansBeverly Evans
Beverley Evans has been interested in photography since she was a child but only became serious about it 6 years ago when she got her first SLR camera.
“I love working with the alternative processes – they give such lovely pictures that are far removed from the sterility of digital prints.”


Alexey BelovAlexey Belov
Alexey Belov was born in 1973 in Zelenograd, Russia. where he studies at the Moscow Institute Of Electronic Technology. Alexey still lives in Zelenograd, near Moscow, and teaches math.


Steven WilsonSteven Wilson
Steven Wilson – a professional photographer working in non-silver processes shows his wet plate collodions.


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New article: Cyanotypes thesis

developing tray

Sublime Memories thesis: Cyanotype on bone

Alexis Bernstein has written a thesis on the process of Cyanotype Printing and Indigo Dye on the medium of bones. She shares her process and concepts.