Solargraphy and carbon printing!

2 new articles have been added in April - and more will come. Tarja Trygg updates her Solargraph article, if you never tried Solargraphy, do it, it's a really easy and very fun process. Sandy King and John Lockhart also adds extract from their new book The Carbon print. Enjoy.

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Mike WareThe last gallery to be added is Mike Ware's - who most of you probably know of by now after his considerable work with devleoping processes. Enjoy his lovely gallery here.

The work with adding galleries continues. Here are the ones that we've added:

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New articles: Solargraphs and Carbon printing

developing tray

Carbon printing – getting started

Sandy King and John Lockhart shares an excerpt from The Carbon Print explaining how to use the book, be safe, and avoid common pitfalls with the Carbon print process.




Solargraphy – The art of catching the sun’s path through a pinhole camera

Tarja Trygg, from Finland, is mapping out the paths of the sun all over the world. In her global pinhole project, she sends her small pinhole cameras everywhere around the world to her "can assistants" for sun-path recordings at several latitudes.