Sorry we've been so silent!

It has been way too long since we sent out the last newsletter. Just before Xmas the work to give a new design started. We thought it would take about two weeks. Well... we are still at it. Most of the design is now in place, we have moved the site to a much faster server, re-tagged all 800+ articles, and a lot more stuff... we hope you like the changes, but please feel free to give us feedback, and if you find some missing links or other stuff that looks odd, please let us know.

News about the galleries

Where is my gallery?

The one thing that did NoT go as planned was the migration of the galleries. The software for the galleries was very old, and it did not make it though. If you are an artist with a gallery on don't worry, we still have all the files and bio safe, but, since there are over 500+ of you and it takes about 1+ hour to put up each, it will take some time. It WILL get done, and when it's done you will get an email. Here is how far we got:

FAQ: In which order do we put them up?
We prioritize galleries that have up to date information from artists who are members. If you know your gallery is a little out of date, here is how to send in new work.


New articles


We have also been adding new articles as they come in... and please keep sharing and sending in articles, especially how-to articles are very popular.