Summer! Take advantage of Anthotyping!

Here is a summary of what has been happening during spring on The season for Anthotypes is here, find out how it all started. If you are a fabric printer Ruth Brown shares how to prepare fabric for cyanotypes. Liam Smith also shares a visual guide to tintypes. And finally, the work of lots of talented photographers. Enjoy!

How it all started: The history of anthotypes

ArtistThe history of anthotypes

Today’s photographers can raise their camera and within a few seconds produce a picture, import it into the computer and print it out. In these times, it is wonderful to take a few steps back and produce a print over a few days or weeks, with a lot of random events along the way. It is a great way to reflect over both the photographic process and the image you are about to produce.

This article is an excerpt from Anthotypes – Explore the darkroom in your garden and make photographs using plants. How the anthotype was discovered.

A Portrait of the multi-talented Mrs. Mary Somerville to the right...



ArtistA visual guide for beginners to making a tintype photograph

Liam Smith, a photography teacher at a local college, gives a visual guide how to make tintypes.


4 new artists in the galleries

More artists are now showing their work.

ArtistDawne Fahey

Dawne Fahey, an Australian visual artist, who researches alternative photographic processes, shows her work in several processes: Chemigrams, Cyanotypes, Encaustic prints, Gum bichromates, Lumen prints and Mordancage.


ArtistJ. Jason Lazarus

J. Jason Lazarus is an Alaska-based photographer and educator who creates narrative-driven photographic work utilizing a wide range of alternative and historical photographic processes.


ArtistKeith Farrar

Keith has been passionate about photography for at least 30 years. Recently he found the time to return to the darkroom and started working with alt. proc. He shows his cyanotypes here.

ArtistJP Jackson

JP Jackson has been interested in photography since his teens. He works in a lot of different processes, and shows his cyanotypes here.

Book: Cyanotypes on Fabric by Ruth Brown

Cyanotypes on fabric

The next edition is here... From the expert fabric printer Ruth Brown comes a practical and well researched how-to book on cyanotypes.

If you want a taster of the book and find out how to prepare fabric, here is an excerpt from Cyanotypes on Fabric - Preparing the fabric.