Yes, this newsletter is about YOU.

And by you, I mean all the talented people out there who practice or work with alternative photographic processes. This month we have had a lot new work both from people who work as professionals and those who do alt proc "on the side". In any case, it's wonderful to see that the community is thriving. Take a look!

2 new artists in the galleries and 3 in the spotlight

This month more artists are now showing their work. I'm amazed at how many talented photographers there are in this community.

ArtistEdwin Meeuwsen

Edwin Meeuwsen - an artist from The Netherlands - uses animal themes in his art as well as inspiration from his travels. He works in cyanotypes, vandykes and salt prints.


ArtistChristian Klant

Looking for a technique that could provide depth and atmosphere to photographs, Christan Klant found wet plate collodions to be the medium he was looking for. Take a look at his work.


Members' spotlight

Members’ spotlight is a place for our artists to talk a little more in-depth about who they are and why they have chosen the particular process they work in. Isn’t it interesting to get to know why?


ArtistAnna Yeroshenko and why she works in the the Platinum/Palladium - or other - process

"I don’t have a favorite process. Each process is unique and worth exploring. For every project, I choose the process that best suits the concept of the work. However, I find the platinum/palladium an outstanding, one of the most beautiful, luxurious processes of photography. The noble metals make an image a treasure."


ArtistScott Wittenburg and Acrylic gel medium transfers

"I really enjoy creating gel medium transfers on wood because of the distinctive textures that wood provides. The final product is always unique and one-of–a-kind."


ArtistChristina Z. Anderson and how she got into Tricolor gum bichromates

"I revel in the beauty of the physical world, in magical moments like this where rain droplets meld with a summer sunset. I try to capture that feeling through the gum bichromate process, which to me is the most artistically expressive alternative process there is because of its use of layers, textures, color, and the visible artist’s hand."

Meeting in the community


A wonderful way to meet...

This is a great example of how the comminity served to connect people and share experiences. Bruce Campbell shares a story of how he used the community on to find photographer Alexander Tkachev who lives reasonably near by and share the same interest - alternative photographic processes. Heartwarming. Read more.

Survey result


Non-mainstream photographic processes are... Name it!

Some time ago and Dutch Alternative Photography carried out a survey to define non-mainstream photographic techniques and to collect data for defining various user groups. You may have filled it out. In any case here is the result. This is a topic that many of you feel strongly about. Here you can find out what others think.