What’s new Features and functions New website. Status update 12 February.

New website. Status update 12 February.

New design has finally arrived, although we are not quite there yet… Those of you who are regular visitors know this already: There is a new design on this website. Please help us report any broken links, missing images or stuff like that.

Status in short 12 February
38 of 500+ galleries done, here are the latest new galleries added:

Design: Some layouts left to fix. Moblie version is not showing menu correctly.

Please report in any missing images or links (as long as they are not a gallery page, these are still to fix)

846 of 846 articles done. CHECK!
Design: Main layouts and css done. CHECK!
Migration to faster server done. CHECK!

Articles in the migration
The site was migrated to a faster server with the promise that “everything would be the same, but faster”. Well, it’s faster but a lot of the content went missing in the process. After trying a zillion ways of re-importing databases I’ve reluctantly decided the quickest way is to re-tag everything by hand. This has now been done, but let us know if something is in the wrong place please.

Links and images – Please report missing links and images
Your help can make the website even better. We’ve been working hard on fixing everything, but if you find any odd looking things, broken things, or come across a page that says. “Oops. That page can’t be found.”
Oops. That page can't be found.
please let us know which page you came from (apart from when the page is a gallery page)and which link you clicked on so we can fix it.
Same goes for missing images. Please let us know if you find a page with a missing image.
Please let us know by emailing: talk (at) alternativephotography.com

Galleries – artists, please check your gallery
The galleries got messed up properly in the migration. So if you are an artist with a gallery here, please do this:
1. Check that your name is on this list:
2. If you click on your name 3 things may happen.
A. You get to a page that looks like this:
Then your gallery is done in the new style and you don’t need to do anything else.
B. Your gallery looks like this:
And the “View gallery” link takes you to a “Oops! That page can’t be found”
Then your gallery is on the list to go up next. It can’t be viewed right now, but the files and bio are safe. You will get an email when it’s done, there are 500+ and each gallery takes at least 30 minutes, so please be patient. 🙂
C. Your gallery looks like this (with the file ending in.html):
Then your gallery was done quite a long time ago, and you may consider updating the bio and the work. Read here how this is done:
If you update your gallery it will have a higher priority in the que. 🙂

So, all in all, hope you like the new design and can have a little patience until everything is in place again. Enjoy!

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