Learning alternative photographic processes

Learning alternantive photographic processesWhether you are new to alternative photographic processes or an old hand there is always something new to explore. There are so many processes to experiment with. If you are looking for a specific process you can find it in the A-Z of alternative photographic processes.

Getting started – WITHOUT a darkroom

If you are a newbie you may not have access to a darkroom or expensive equipment. Don’t let that stop you. Several processes can be done with what you probably have at home:

Getting started – WITH a darkroom

If you are lucky enough to have access to a darkroom, there are easy processes you can get started with right away:

Skill builders

Advancing your skills here are processes you can try:

Advanced techniques

When you are ready for the deep end of the pool:

  • Carbon printing – making tissue and trasferring prints
  • Kallitypes – similar to Vandykes but with a larger range of colour and contrast
  • Platinum prints – setting prints in precious metals
  • Wetplate collodions – if you see an “old” photograph in a film, this is usually it
  • Salt prints – using salt to make paper and produce reddish brown images