Asians & Australasians

The latest photographers to join us… the archives are further down.

Australian Photographers

Ellie Young

Wendy Currie

Gene Bagdonas

Chris Byrnes

Dawne Fahey

Leanne McPhee

Japanese Photographers

Geoff Chaplin

Takahiro Hara

New Zealand Photographers

Rosemary Horn

New Zealand photographer
From: New Zealand.
Shows: Anthotypes, Photograms and Photosynthesis.
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Russian Photographers

Alexander Tkachev

Alexey Belov

Andrei Belle

Anna Ostanina

Anna Yeroshenko

Lada Tazetdinova

Asian and Australasian photographers – the archives. Please note that these galleries open in an old design. We are currently working hard on updating all galleries!

Australian photographers

Shani Miller ©
Goonellabah, New South Wales, Australia
Modern Tintypes

Edward Richards ©
Cyanotypes and saltprints

Lynette Zeeng

Lynette Zeeng ©
Melbourne, Australia
Polaroid Transfers

Indian photographers
Sanjoy Chaterjee

Sanjoy Chaterjee ©
New Delhi, India
Polaroid Transfers

Japanese photographers
Wynn White

Wynn White ©
Born USA, lives Japan
Cyanotypes, Polaroid transfers

New Zealand photographers
Lloyd Godman

Lloyd Godman ©
New Zealand
Cyanotypes, Vandykes

Jai Hall ©
Dunedin, New Zealand

Paula Marriner ©
New Zealand

Pakistani photographers
Farah Mahbub

Farah Mahbub ©
Cyanotypes, Polaroid transfers, Vandykes

Philippine photographers

Che Mambong ©

Allan Razo

Allan Z. Razo ©
Manila, Philippines
Platinum and Palladium

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