Asians & Australasians

The latest photographers to join us… the archives are further down.

Australian Photographers

Wendy Currie

Gene Bagdonas

Chris Byrnes

Dawne Fahey

Leanne McPhee

Japanese Photographers

Nori Shibata

From: Tokyo, Japan.
Shows: POP – Print out paper.
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New Zealand Photographers

Rosemary Horn

New Zealand photographer
From: New Zealand.
Shows: Anthotypes, Photograms and Photosynthesis.
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Russian Photographers

Alexander Tkachev

Alexey Belov

Andrei Belle

Anna Ostanina

Anna Yeroshenko

Lada Tazetdinova

Asian and Australasian photographers – the archives. Please note that these galleries open in an old design. We are currently working hard on updating all galleries!

Australian photographers

Shani Miller ©
Goonellabah, New South Wales, Australia
Modern Tintypes

Edward Richards ©
Cyanotypes and saltprints

Lynette Zeeng

Lynette Zeeng ©
Melbourne, Australia
Polaroid Transfers

Indian photographers
Sanjoy Chaterjee

Sanjoy Chaterjee ©
New Delhi, India
Polaroid Transfers

Japanese photographers
Geoff Chaplin

Geoff Chaplin ©
Born Brittain, lives Hokkaido, Japan
Gum bichromates

Wynn White

Wynn White ©
Born USA, lives Japan
Cyanotypes, Polaroid transfers

New Zealand photographers
Lloyd Godman

Lloyd Godman ©
New Zealand
Cyanotypes, Vandykes

Jai Hall ©
Dunedin, New Zealand

Paula Marriner ©
New Zealand

Pakistani photographers
Farah Mahbub

Farah Mahbub ©
Cyanotypes, Polaroid transfers, Vandykes

Philippine photographers

Che Mambong ©

Allan Razo

Allan Z. Razo ©
Manila, Philippines
Platinum and Palladium

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