Scott Wittenburg

Scott Wittenburg is a photography teacher and the host of Photography 101, the top photo podcast on iTunes. He lives in Columbus, Ohio, USA, and shows a range of processes.
From: Columbus, Ohio, USA.
Shows: Cyanotypes, Infrareds, Polaroid image transfers, Polaroid SX-70s, Salt prints.

Scott Wittenburg is a high school photography teacher and the host of Photography 101, a popular podcast on iTunes. Before teaching, he was a professional photographer in New York City and is now located in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Scott has a BA in Visual Arts (Ohio Dominican University) and a Masters in photography from Antioch University. His master’s thesis involved and in-depth study of alternative process photography (particularly Polaroid image transfers, emulsion lifts, and SX-70 manipulations) and time-lapse/motion photography.

“I enjoy pursuing many techniques and genres of photography but spend most of my creative energy experimenting with Polaroid processes, salt printing and cyanotypes.”

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