Edwin Meeuwsen

Edwin Meeuwsen – an artist from The Netherlands – uses animal themes in his art as well as inspiration from his travels. He works in cyanotypes, gum bichromated, vandykes and salt prints.
From: Benthuizen, The Netherlands.
Shows: Cyanotypes, Salt prints, Gum bichromates, Vandyke browns.

Edwin Meeuwsen is a Dutch artist living in Benthuizen, The Netherlands. He is an autodidact artist, with a special interest for animals as theme for his creativity. But he uses also his pictures that are shot during his trips to mainly East-Asia; China, Korea or Japan.

He has a wide interest in graphic art (etching, wood cut printing), oil painting and alternative photography.

The alternative photographic techniques that he uses are cyanotype printing, VanDijck Brown printing, Salt printing and Gum bichromate printing, but he is interested in experimenting with other techniques as well.


  • Email: eajmeeuwsen (at) me.com