Carol Hayman

Carol Hayman is a professor from Austin, Texas, USA. She photographs people and landscapes which she realises in the intaglio print process.
From: Austin, Texas, USA.
Shows: Intaglio prints.

Carol Hayman lives in Austin, Texas where she is a Professor of Anthropology at Austin Community College. Her photographs of the people and landscapes of different parts of the world are inspired by her desire to show an audience those unusual places. She has traveled many times to Latin America, visiting Peru with her Study Abroad students, Chile, Bolivia, and Mexico. In Europe she has visited and photographed France, Spain, Bulgaria, Great Britain, and the Czech Republic, and in the Far East, Indonesia. She prints at Slugfest Print Studio, where her photographs become fine art prints by making them into etchings using solar plates (polymer plates) on an American French Tool intaglio printing press.

“Turning photographs into fine art prints is a laborious but satisfying printmaking process.”

Technique/Process: Photo Intaglio, also called photo-etching, or solar plate printing.
The intaglio or etching starts out first as a print from a digital camera, then using a photocopier, the print is copied onto a transparency for overhead projectors. The transparency is laid over a light sensitive polymer-coated metal plate and exposed to light. The plate is washed and hardened. When the plate is dry, it is inked, damp paper laid on it, then run through an intaglio press, as an etching. This new process of creating polymer plates uses non-toxic light and water and is combined with the antique process of printing with an intaglio press. The anthropological dimension of the subject matter lends itself well to the handmade look of the technique, which is excellent for creating detailed works that draw the viewer in for a closer look.


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