Barbara Sanders

Barbara Sanders is a printmaker who works in photogravure from 35 mm film negatives. She divides her time between Steamboat Springs, Colorado and in Honolulu, Hawaii.
From: Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA.
Shows: Photopolymer gravures, Copper photogravures

For the last thirty years my focus as an artist has been photogravure; an intaglio printmaking technique having its origins in the mid-1800’s as one of the first ways to reproduce photographs for publication. There is a small group of printmakers reviving the technique. I started putting the images on copper plates for etching and printing and am now learning the newest technique of exposing my images on to light sensitive polymer covered steel plates – a much less toxic method. I have also joined the ranks of those who use digital SLR cameras although many of my images are from 35mm film negatives. The etched plates are inked by hand and printed on sheets of dampened cotton paper – one print at a time. I enjoy the challenges of each step as a printmaker.

As I live in an area where history fast disappearing I feel an urge to record the subtleness of what remains. I appreciate the details captured by this technique and am drawn by the velvety depth of the darks as they contrast with the lights. My intent is to hold the viewer for a moment, not allow him to pass over the familiar so quickly, and to compel him to note the visual significance of the subject.


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