Allan Razo

Allan Razo is an Advertising Photographer by profession. He is from Manila, Philippines.
From: Manila, Philippines.
Shows: Platinum and Palladium.

Aside from being a Professional Photographer, his passion is Platinumprinting. As far as he knows, he is the only one in the Philippines who does Platinum printing (if you know different, please let us know!).

Allan uses a 8×10 cambo camera and a single 300 mm Xenar Scheneider (normal) lens for all his work. His film of choice is Efke 100 develop in Rollo-Pyro and D76. The type of creative work Allan does for all his Platinum works are “Still-life” using a studio controlled set-up.

“It is my desire and my life’s passion to be able to create my own coffee table book containing my Platinum works.”

The person that I wanted to thank most for guiding me patiently into the Platinum process is Mr. Harald Leban of Austria. I am dedicating my works to him as a gesture of appreciation for his guidance and support.

I would really appreciate any feedback from experts in this process.


  • Email: allanzrazo (at)