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Workshops, courses, exhibitions, call for entries, group shows and other events relating to alternative photography. To add your event is free, but we appreciate if you become a Supporting Member.

Meetings & talks in January

19th Century “Wet Plate” Photography Demo and Lecture at the Norwalk Historical Society Museum, January 28

Meetings & talks in March

Glass Plate Negative Retouching Demonstration in Denver, CO, March 4, 2017

Mark Osterman Lecture in Denver, CO March 28, 2017

Call for entries, deadline February

The Hand Magazine Issue 16 and “Mudras” Exhibition. Deadline 28th Feb.

Workshops in February

WAXING THE BLUES Cyanotype + Brown Print + Photo Encaustic

Workshops in March

Cyanotype Process: Printing Blue and Beyond, March 3-4

Tintype Refresher Workshop in Denver, Colorado February 4 & 5, 2017

Wet Plate Collodion Negative Workshop in Denver, Colorado March 9 through 12, 2017

Collodion Tinting & Burnshing Demonstration in Denver, Colorado March 21, 2017

Platinum/Palladium II/ Lets Go Big! March 17 – 19, 2017

Carbon transfer in Gdynia, Poland, March 18-19, 2017

Retro photography – silver techniques (albumen and saltprint) in Gdynia, Poland, March 11-12, 2017

Workshops in April

Worldwide Pinhole Day Celebration/Workshop

American Ivorytype Workshop in Denver, Colorado April 7 through 9, 2017

Workshops in May

Introduction to Tintypes Workshop in Denver, Colorado May 6 & 7, 2017

Cyanotype Workshop in Denver, Colorado, May 20, 2017

Van Dyke Brown Workshop in Denver, Colorado May 21, 2017

Workshops in June

Light into matter, Italy, 7-18 june

Turning light into platinum, Italy June 21st-30th

Workshops in July


Workshops in October

PHOTOGRAPHY & CUISINE RETREAT October 17 – 23, 2017 Chateau du Pin – Loire Valley, France

Workshops - all year

Salt Printing in Brighton, U.K.

wet plate collodion workshops: 1to1, small groups, remedials.

Alternative Photography Workshops, Penumbra Foundation, NYC

Alternative /Historic Photographic Process Private Classes at Scully & Osterman Studio

Alt Process Photography Workshops at Geroege Eastman House 2015

Recurring events

Cyanotype day – the very first one – September 19th 2015

Penumbra Foundation | Center for Alternative Photography

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, recurring event, last Sunday in April

FotoFest International, every even year in spring

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