Add your workshop, exhibition or event to the free listing

Adding an event is free and good advertising for your workshop, exhibition, meeting, competition or talk. The website has over 80 000 visitors a month – all interested in alternative photographic processes.

To add your event do this:

  1. Add the title, date and location, at the top, for example:
    Platinum workshops in New York, August 10-14, 2018
  2. In the content box, answer the questions What, Where and When, don’t forget a link to a website and contact details.

If you have several events, post one page for each event, since they will be listed by date, and disappear when the date has passed.

When you’re done, it will show up in our log, and we’ll approve it.

There is supposed to be a form to fill out here, if it does not appear, please email the details to talk (at) instead. 🙂

Please complete the required fields.

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