Derrick Busch

Derrick Busch experiments with different processes. See his work here. From: Red Bank New Jersey, USA. Lives: Costa Mesa, California, USA. Shows: Cyanotypes, Gum bichromates, Photopolymer gravures, Polaroid emulsion lifts, Polaroid SX-70s. Derrick comes from Red Bank New Jersey but currently lives in Costa Mesa, California where he works at Fox Racing as their Director …

Peter Wiklund

Peter Wiklund is a Swedish pinhole artist and the co-author of From Pinhole to Print, take a look at his work. From: Stockholm, Sweden. Shows: Cyanotypes, Photopolymer gravures, Pinholes, Polaroid SX-70s, Solargraphs. Peter started with photography in the mid 80’s, and have ever since experimented with a lot of techniques and cameras. Nowadays, he mainly …

Renata Ratajczyk

Renata Ratajczyk is a Polish born digital artist. She shares her work in Polaroid SX-70s. From: Born Warsaw, Poland, lives Toronto, Canada. Shows: Polaroid SX-70. Renata Ratajczyk is a photographer and digital artist specializing in photo illustration, fine art portraits and travel photography. In her dream-like and visionary images she often merges reality with a …

Jeane Vogel

Jeane Vogel loves working with alternative methods of photography. She explores and alternative vision of the world. From: St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Shows: Polaroid SX-70s, Emulsion transfers on rice paper. Jeane uses hand-altered SX-70 Polaroid images to see past reality to bring an alternative vision of the world into focus. The result is a personal, …

Carol Gula

Years ago, Carol Gula was seduced by the creative potential of the alternative photographic processes. She has been experimenting ever since. From: Florida, USA. Shows: Polaroid image transfers, Polaroid SX-70s, Polaroid emulsion lifts, Cyanotypes, Kallitypes. Combining traditional photography with modern digital, she produces contact negatives, which are expressed as Kallitype or Cyanotype prints. She also …

Spiffy Tumbleweed

Spiffy Tumbleweed lives and works in South Austin, Texas. He shares his cyanotypes and SX-70s here. From: South Austin, Texas, USA. Shows: Cyanotypes, Polaroid SX-70s. Spiffy Tumbleweed lives and works in South Austin, Texas. A refugee from a Midwestern state that begins with a vowel, he has been working with alternative processes since he began …

Malin Fabbri

Malin is the editor of this website, she experiments with a variety of techniques, anthotypes, cyanotypes, photopolymer grauvre, photosynthesis, pinholes, SX-70s and solargraphs.
From: Stockholm, Sweden
Shows: Anthotypes, cyanotypes, photosynthesis, pinholes, SX-70s and solargraphs.

Barbara J. Dombach

From: Pennsylvania, USA.
Shows: Cyanotypes, Dry & wet plates, Infrareds, Lumen, Pl/pd, Polaroid.
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