Specialist book titles for alternative photographic processes and techniques. Some too specialized to be taken on by publishers. Also our own publications.

How-to books published and sold directly by the authors



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by Malin Fabbri
Explore the darkroom in your garden and make photographs using plants.
Recommended for beginners and experts
10 of 10
Rated 9.8 – based on 25 votes

Gum Printing and Other Amazing Contact Printing ProcessesGum Printing and Other Amazing Contact Printing Processes

A Manual of Gum Dichromate and Other Contact Printing Processes
Christina Z. Anderson
Packed full of information
9 of 10
Rated 9,44 – based on 71 votes

Experimental Photography Workbook

by Christina Z. Anderson
A technical book recommended both for beginners and pros
9 of 10
Rated 9,28 – based on 54 votes

The Carbon print by Sandy King and John LockhartThe Carbon Print

by Sandy King and John Lockhart
A new version of an old classic carbon book

The albumen printThe Albumen Print

by Radosław Brzozowski
A practical guide

The Old Made NewThe Old Made New

by Ricard Puckett
Richard Eugene Puckett’s Dry Print-Out Processes with Gold, Palladium, and Platinum
9 of 10
Rated 9 – based on 2 votes

A Non Silver Manual

Cyanotype, Vandyke brown, palladium & gum bichromate with instructions for making light-resists including pinhole photography
by Sarah Van Keuren
Full of ideas for workshops
9 of 10
Rated 9,7 – based on 17 votes

Blueprint to cyanotypes

by Malin and Gary Fabbri
Clearly illustrated step-by-step guide to cyanotypes.
Recommended for beginners
9 of 10
Rated 9,9 – based on 51 votes

From pinhole to print

The quick and easy way to learn how to build a pinhole camera!
Strongly recommended for beginners
10 of 10
Rated 9,56 – based on 44 votes

The salt print manual

A practical manual in clear and jargon-free language.

Ruth Brown Imagery on FabricDigital Imagery on Fabric

How to transfer images onto textiles.
Ruth Brown
Strongly recommended for fabric artists

Exploring Simple Lenses

John Evans
In-depth practical guide to creative images.
Excellent value
9 of 10
Rated 9,18 – 48 votes

The Wet Collodion Plate. 16 Steps To Making The PlatesThe Wet Collodion Plate. 16 Steps To Making The Plates

Will Dunniway
Instructions on how to make the plates.
9 of 10
Rated 8.9 – based on 18 votes

Make the sliding box camera by Ty GuillroyMaking the Sliding Box Camera

Ty Guillory
For Wet Plate Collodion or Daguerreotype Photography.

Making the Traditional Wet Plate CameraMaking the Traditional Wet Plate Camera

Ty Guillory
Suitable for Wet Plate Collodion, Dry Plate or Daguerreotype Photography.

The Chrysotype Manual

The Science and Practice of Photographic Printing in Gold
Mike Ware
Well researched encyclopedia.
9 of 10
Rated 10 – based on 5 votes

Gold in Photography

The History and Art of Chrysotype
Mike Ware
9 of 10
Rated 9,83 – based on 6 votes

The Art of Bromoil & Transfer

David W. Lewis
A book on the bromoil and transfers processes.
9 of 10
Rated 9,44 – based on 9 votes

Alternative Photography Processes

Mark L. Eshbaugh
A workers guide.
9 of 10
Rated 6,14 – based on 7 votes

Making Digital Negatives

e-book by Mike Ware
9 of 10
Rated 8,5 – based on 2 votes

What's wrong with Daguerre?What’s wrong with Daguerre?

by Hans Rooseboom
Not yet rated

Siderotype Report 1

e-journal from Mike Ware
9 of 10
Rated 8 – based on 1 vote

Kirlian photography bookKirlian Photography: A hands on Guide

by John Iovine
Use your camera to take Electrophotography photographs.
Not yet rated

Cyanotypes on Fabric by Ruth BrownCyanotypes on Fabric

by Ruth Brown
From the expert fabric printer comes a practical and well researched how-to book on cyanotypes.
Rated 9,67 – based on 16 votes


Artbooks published and sold directly by the authors

Sold out!

Diffusion magazine, volume I, 2009

9 of 10
Rated 8,48 – based on 33 votes

Still available for order!

Diffusion magazine, volume II, 2010

Alternative Photography: Art and Artists, Edition I

Showing the work of 115 artists currently working in alt. proc.
Strongly recommended for inspiration
Both in softback and hardback
9 of 10
Rated 9,97 – based on 57 votes

The Everyday Garden

Showcase of Francis Baker’s work.
9 of 10
Rated 7,66 – based on 3 votes

Will Dunniway The Collodion Photographer

Will Dunniway’s limited edition, signed portfolio book.
9 of 10
Rated 8,49 – based on 4 votes

The Intertidal World

Collection of Jan Kapoor’s work in pinhole and platinum/palladiums.
9 of 10
Rated 9 – based on 6 votes

Camera Obscura: Pinhole Photographs

Collection of Jan Kapoor’s pinhole work.
9 of 10
Rated 9,67 – based on 3 votes

Timescapes Japan, A Pinhole Journey

Edward Levinson’s Pinhole Photographs.
9 of 10
Rated 10 – based on 3 votes

The Story Behind The Images

Art and instructions by Scott Wittenburg.
9 of 10
Rated 9,5 – based on 2 votes


Art by Jacques Verschuren.
9 of 10
Rated 10 – based on 4 votes


Collection of personal work
by Jacques Verschuren
9 of 10
Rated 10 – based on 1 vote

Ocean Pinholes

by Darius Kuzmickas

dk-camera_obscura_modern_primitivism-sCamera Obscura: Modern Primitivism

by Darius Kuzmickas

Bob RogersMuseum Quality

by Bob Rogers


Shipping is included in the price, and the books can be shipped anywhere in the world!

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