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“ has completely changed my artistic and teaching practise, I can’t thank you enough, its just amazing. Keep going!”

Rachel Sokal, Photographer and Workshop Facilitator.

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Spiffy Tumbleweed“It is not an exaggeration to say that this site and the creative community it has spawned have changed my life. What began as a simple inquiry about how cyanotypes are done has grown into years of experimentation and rewarding creative expression, and I feel that I have barely scratched the surface. I still hesitate to call myself a photographer, but I’m happy and proud to be an alt process guy.”

Spiffy Tumbleweed.

Don Grant“I want to thank you for the alternative processes photography web site that you edit and all of the efforts that you have made for those of us who have come to love this world of alternative process photography. At this time I only do cyanotypes but I hope to soon learn gum bichromates. Life was good before I starting into alternative process, but it great now.”

Don Grant.

Liam Smith tintype portrait“Long time follower of the blog, I love the eclectic mix of work on show.
I followed your tintype step by step and finally managed to crack the process! It took a long time to finally source everything and achieve consistent results but I think I’ve nailed it!
Just waned to let you know how useful your article was, I’ve been wanting to make tintypes since my teenage years.”

Liam Smith – photography teacher and your number one fan.
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This site takes a lot of work and maintenance, but we don’t charge for it, and we don’t get paid. We do this because we love doing it – and we also believe information should be free. Anyone should be able to access the knowledge they need to carry out their art. The more items we add to the site, the more popular the site gets. This is great. We want to keep doing this.

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“Was thrilled to hear that one of my cyanos was accepted into the Black and White Photography magazine/ Alternative Photography Competition. A big thank you goes out to Malin for the many years of providing guidance through her books and building a wonderful community of alternative photographers!”

Rebecca Bruyn – Artist.

Christian Klant“Alternative Photography is probably the best way to get a brief overview of all the different alternative techniques. It’s a pity that I realised so late that I’m able to support this base of knowledge by getting a member. But now I am!”

Christian Klant – photographer.

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