Wynn White was born in Ontario, Oregon in the northwestern United States but has spent twenty of the past twenty-five years in Japan where he now makes his home in Yotsukaido, Chiba, about an hour out of Tokyo. Wynn started working in alternate photographic processes about two years ago, being drawn to the wide array of papers and image tones that are available to the photographic print maker. His work has been show in galleries in Japan and the United States.

Wynn says about his work:

Tripping the lens shutter is but one of many steps involved in the creation of a finely crafted print. At each phase of the process new opportunities for discovery and expression arise.




Wynn White


Tokawa Rock Form ©

Three Sunflowers ©

Mary Ellen at Sixteen ©

Cut Logs ©


Hayle's Toe Shoes ©

Forks and Spoons ©

Cabbage ©

Apples ©


Nautilus and Books ©

Bulb in Jar ©

Glasses on Jungle Book ©

Note: Kallitypes toned with Platinum


Westfall Door ©

Stone House Interior ©

St. Jame's Window ©

Hens and Chicks ©

Shinjukunight ©

Schoolboy ©

Rocksurf ©
Printed using Tokyo bay water - readA Dash of Salt

Octopus ©

Hirobasteps ©

Elephant ©

Doorfan ©

Stems ©


Stone House Exterior ©

Paula's Wedding Calla ©

Flora's Satin Dress ©

Coyote Bones ©