Robert is a passionate photographer who's been shooting pictures all over the country and the world on his many travels, for the past 30 years. He has shot thousands of precious slices of captured moments. Although he doesn't make his living directly from photography, he says that he receives tremendous satisfaction from each picture that he shoots. Robert tries to present simplicity and balance in his photography. He is drawn to simple images and shapes and attempts to catch the observer's eye with bright colors and interesting textures.

Robert says:

The result of this technique is a soft, painterly representation of an otherwise sharp image. It is an artistic photographic process which can take on different moods. It may appear to be a cross between a photograph and a watercolor, or it also might look like an old photo.

Robert resides in Portland, Oregon, USA, but spends most of his photograhic time in Mexico, looking for that "perfect" doorway and Mexican sunset.



Robert Lawhead

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Casa Amarillo ©

Casa Naranja ©

La Silla Azul ©

Shutters ©

Entrada Verde ©

Casa Verde ©

Puerto Vallarta ©

Bicileta ©

A Visitor to Marys Garden ©

Mary's Berries ©

Japanese Maple ©

Arlene's Sunflower ©

Fruta Fresca ©

Puesta del Sol ©

Blue Street in Puerto Rico ©

Despues Escuela ©

El Murro Amarillo ©

Icons in Puerto Rica ©

Oregon Barn ©

Puerto Rican Pastime ©