Historical photographic methods in use today - the art, processes and techniques of alternative photography

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Julian has been involved with professional photography for the last 26 years, during which time it has become his abiding passion. Julian has always been a keen darkroom worker and, have spent a large part of his career producing prints of one sort or another.

Julian says:

"A few years producing personal work in monochrome on factory made paper left me disillusioned and frustrated with my results and I started looking around for a process that would give me more choice over colours and textures. I have been printing my personal work, almost exclusively, in Gum Bichromate and am just starting to achieve my visions."


Julian Smart


Untitled 23©


Gum bichromates

Pumpkin ©

Pumpkin 3 ©

Pumpkin 4 ©

Pumpkin 5 ©

Broad Beans ©

Pears ©

Cotswold Succlents ©

Tulip ©

Didcot ©

Mersea Stick Bridge ©

Mask ©


Untitled 05 ©

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