Jean was born in 1954 in France. When he received his first Kodak Instamatic camera at age of 11, Jean quickly became aware of the numerous ways photography could allow him to see the world and to express himself. Discovery of the black and white darkroom work at 18 was the next important step in Jean’s approach to photography.

Though assuming a variety of occupations, Jean never stopped to feed his passion for photography. In 2001, he decided to dedicate himself completely to photography on 2 distinct levels: his own work as an artist, his passion for Photography as a fascinating subject of study because of its diversity (social, aesthetical, historical, philosophical points of view, etc.)

Jean regularly shows his work in individual or collective exhibitions in France and Europe. He spends a lot of time in teaching photography and working on photographic projects with very different kinds of people: fine art students, teachers, children and youngsters (from 4 to 20), disabled people, old persons, etc.

Being one of the leaders among the French pinhole specialists, Jean was one of the co-founders of the WPPD World Pinhole Photography Day in 2001. Jean's approach to alternative processes finds its roots in the way Jean loves slow manual processes where the artist's creativity may express at its most by the choice of paper, toners, coating methods. Alt processes allow Jean to "feel" the way the image settles itself on the paper, as the light reflected by the world settles itself on the film in the camera

I love to think that all photographic images are a magic concentrate of time, light and space.



Jean Daubas


Translations 39 ©

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Blown Grasses ©

Castle ©

Self Shadow ©

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Souffless ©

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Broken Pane ©

Onion Skin ©

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Gum bichromates

Holga ©

Tree and Star in Night ©

Light Deposit 35 ©
Diptych gum bichromate

Passage 15 ©

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Bed in Garden ©

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Polaroid SX-70 manipulations / lifts

Leaves in Pool 1 ©

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Vanishing Table ©
Polaroid emulsion lift