Edwardo Aites received his BA in molecular biology from the University of California. Sometime following that event, he came to his senses, began shooting pictures and left California for the Pacific Northwest, where the long rainy season makes darkroom work a good alternative. He is currently working in alternative processes, particularly Polaroid image transfer and cyanotype.

Edwardo says about his work:

"Cyanotype and image transfer have a timeless look, which matches well with my love of classical imagery."




Edwardo Aites


Alchemist ©

Kanji Fan ©

Persistence of Vision ©

Thalia 5 ©
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Ritmo ©

Theogony ©

Eastern Trinity ©
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Ely ©

Dancer 3 ©


Polaroid Transfers

Meridian Pillar ©

Loggia ©

Buddah, 4 part transfer ©

Boston Ivy Pillar ©

Venice Canal Bridge ©

Ca' d'Or Palace ©

Manarola Italy Houses ©

Siena Italy Skyline ©

Anemone ©