Christian mostly work in black and white, contact-printing his negatives on watercolor paper sensitized with platinum/palladium solution and/or pigmented colloids.

Born in 1971 In Brazzaville (Congo), he spent the first years of his life in Africa. He started photography in France, where he now lives.

As a self-taught photographer and it took me many years of practice using alternative photographic processes until I was able to look beyond the technical aspects.

Having mastered a variety of techniques, Christian primary focus is now on expressing moods and feelings.

Christian's work is influenced by the images of Weston, Strand, Callahan or Sudek and the memory of his life in Africa.


Christian Nze

Carbon prints


Back Door Castle ©




Platinum & Palladiums


Still Life X - Amarilys ©

Still Life XI - Anthurium ©

Still Life VII - Amarilys ©


cn_old_house ©

Still Life III - Anthurium ©

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Old House ©

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