Historical photographic methods in use today - the art, processes and techniques of alternative photography

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Find artists in print - in their own artbooks

Alternative Photography: Art and Artists, Edition I
Showing the work of 115 artists currently working in alt. proc.
Strongly recommended for inspiration
Both in softback and hardback

The Everyday Garden
Showcase of Francis Baker's work.

Will Dunniway The Collodion Photographer:
Will Dunniway's limited edition, signed portfolio book.

The Intertidal World
Collection of Jan Kapoor's work in pinhole and platinum/palladiums.

Camera Obscura: Pinhole Photographs
Collection of Jan Kapoor's pinhole work.

Timescapes Japan, A Pinhole Journey:
Edward Levinson's Pinhole Photographs.

The Story Behind The Images
Art and instructions by Scott Wittenburg.

Art by Jacques Verschuren.

A collection of personal work
by Jacques Verschuren